3 products which support skin detox

3 products which support skin detox

Every day we are exposed to many external factors that affect our skin’s appearance. Smog, exhaust fumes, stress, smoking, fast life or lack of sleep can destroy even the most beautiful complexion. When we hear the slogan “detox”, the first thing that comes to our mind is fasting, diet, detoxification. Unfortunately, what is good for the whole body does not mean that it is also sufficient for the skin. And yet she needs the same “detox”.


It is worth to do detoxifying treatment for the skin in the winter. This is when the topic of smog and the highest concentration of air pollution appear. Also heating homes or apartments is associated with a significantly reduced level of humidity in the rooms. The consequence of these actions very quickly reflects on our appearance. The skin becomes contaminated, sallow, dry, dehydrated.


In a few simple steps, thanks to proper home care, we can help the skin regain its lost glow. Especially for you and for your needs we have created a Detox cosmetics line. The Detox line includes products that help you cleanse the skin of toxins, intensively moisturize, oxygenate and regenerate it, and your face will be perfectly smoothed and brightened like never before.

Organic Series oxygenating cream forte can be used every morning and evening. Thanks to the content of up to 11 active ingredients, including the botanical mix of sugar algae, sea fennel and corn fibers, it gives excellent results on dry and mature skin. Based on lamellar technology that mimics the natural mechanisms of human skin, it distributes active ingredients throughout the deeper parts of the skin, stopping  aging process, moisturizing and visibly rejuvenating the skin. Beech buds, on the other hand, oxygenate skin cells up to 71%.

By using the Organic Series oxygenating serum in daily, evening care before applying the cream, you will provide your skin with an additional dose of highly concentrated active ingredients. The serum, like the cream, slows down the skin’s aging process, intensively moisturizes, oxygenates and regenerates it.

Occasionally treat yourself to a little relaxation. Apply Organic Series algae mask with activated bamboo charcoal to the previously exfoliated skin. Not only will it thoroughly get rid of impurities, but just as importantly, it will reduce excess sebum and accelerate the process of keratosis of the epidermis. In addition, it is able to eliminate inflammation and accelerate the regeneration of irritated skin.


The problem of air pollution came seventh in the ranking of the greatest health threats to man. Great Britain ranks among the most polluted countries in Europe. Therefore, for several years, awareness of the harmful effects of smog and other pollutants on each of us has increased significantly. Looking at what is happening in the modern world, it is worth permanently introducing the slogan “detox” to your life.