Cosmetic Massage Table, which one to buy?


A massage bed is one of the key elements of modern beauty salons and professional SPA salons. It must be both functional and aesthetically made and provide the highest comfort both for you at work and for your clients during the massage. An excellent massage bed should also be available at an attractive price, so that the purchase is satisfying and not ruining our budget. The perfect bed? Definitely yes! And you will find them in the Pro Beauty Services offer! We offer professional massage beds - in a rich offer and at definitely competitive prices. We offer safe and flexible purchase conditions, including hire-purchase and leasing. We provide professional assistance in choosing the optimal solution. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority! This is where you will find the massage bed you are looking for. Each of our proposals are massage beds that allow you to perform a wide range of cosmetic treatments and all types of massage. Get to know them!

Electric massage bed

The electric massage bed is a solution dedicated to both physiotherapy and cosmetic treatments. Equipment in the form of electric motors provides, above all, high comfort of using the equipment. Electric height and setting adjustments will make your work much more comfortable.

Massage table

A massage table is the type of equipment you are looking for? You will surely find the best solution here! We offer professional massage tables, ideal for physiotherapy, cosmetic and beauty treatments. Stationary massage table made of powder-coated steel, equipped with a two-layer mattress covered with high-quality eco-leather at a super attractive price, also with the option of instalment purchase - this is our offer for you!

Massage table - which one to buy?

Are you wondering which massage table to buy? Electric, with heating function or foldable? Don't waste any more time and take advantage of our expert advice. We will help you choose the optimal solution , ideally suited to your business. Your choice should take into account:

  • the needs and expectations of people who perform massages and treatments,
  • the needs and expectations of your clinic's clients,
  • the housing conditions at your disposal.

Properly selected equipment - ergonomic and comfortable to use - will provide the clinic's employees with comfort at work and reduce the level of fatigue, which will translate into the quality of treatments. Thanks to professionally selected equipment, each massage, be it therapeutic or relaxing, will provide the clients of the clinic with even more satisfaction and pleasure. So let our expert help you!

Massage couches

Massage loungers are equipment that determines the comfort and quality of cosmetic treatments. It is worth betting on the best solutions here. Therefore, each massage bed offered at Pro Beauty Services is a unique combination of modern design and impressive functionality.

  • Ability to remember settings,
  • Heated mattress providing customers with even more pleasure and comfort,
  • Modern, elegant design perfectly matching the arrangement of contemporary beauty salons.

These are just some of the advantages of the massage couches we offer. Get to know them all!