Cream with lipids, i.e. how to deal with dry facial skin?


Cream with lipids, i.e. how to deal with dry facial skin?

In winter and early spring, many factors can negatively affect your skin. If you have dry, sensitive, vascular or even combination skin, you must focus on proper protective care. Low temperature and dry, sharp air can increase excessive drying of the skin, dehydration and its irritation. 

Changing the season often forces us to change home care products

For example, let’s look at dry skin. For this type of skin, a moisturizing cream is suitable for daily care, but it may not be sufficient in winter. 


Dry skin is characterized by a reduced water content in the epidermis which can evaporate excessively. On the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) there are fats that are produced by the sebaceous glands. This is the main building component of the so-called skin hydrolipid coat. With dry skin, you can notice a significantly reduced amount of fats produced. In this situation, the hydrolipid coat weakens. As a result, the process of losing elasticity and firmness, and even skin aging, is accelerated.


Use home care products that help the skin function properly, regenerate, nourish and strengthen the protective barrier. Organic Series products that have been created with you and your skin in mind will help you.

  • in evening or morning skin care routine, apply a small amount of the active product, i.e. serum or the selected forte Organic Series cream, spread on the skin and massage until completely absorbed.
  • then spread a small amount of hydrolipid cream on the skin as a second step. In this way, you will intensify the absorption of active ingredients, prevent transepidermal water loss and evaporation of active ingredients.

If you use hydrolipid cream in the morning care, remember to wait about 5 minutes before applying makeup, in this way the hydrolipid cream will be fully absorbed and the skin will be protected against harmful external factors.


What do we recommend?

The oiling emollient cream, i.e. the Organic Series hydrolipid cream, allows you to strengthen the weakened protective coat of the skin and increase its resistance to adverse external factors. The content of moisturizing, soothing and calming ingredients will minimize the feeling of tightness, irritation or discomfort, and will slow down premature aging processes resulting from dryness. Hydrolipid cream can be used as an intense lipo base.