About Us

Since first opening in 2012 as a beauty salon and skin clinic, we have provided various range of beauty and aesthetic treatments. From the first day we began to discover what are the best products in skin care, as well as other important strategies in running a professional skin care business. In 2014 we introduced a 100% natural ingredient brand into all our treatment procedures, and these products quickly proved their worth, not only with the business but also our customers. With this, toward the end of 2014 we proudly became the official distributor of Organic Series skin care brand in the UK. After several years within the beauty industry, while providing full range of skin care products, treatments and training, we have along the way learnt from our co-operated beauty salons, spa's and skin clinics, other key factors in what makes a beauty business a success. In 2018, we started our mission into becoming a supplier of the bespoke 100% natural products and cosmetics and accessories for professionals. We are grateful for the continuous supports from our regular clients and we look forward to welcoming new clients and helping them reach their skin care and business goals.
Thank you for visiting us, I hope we will become a business partner.
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