All businesses know that thoughtful marketing it's very important to gain success, in all set goals.

From our rich experience, we know that most of our beauty therapist or other professional we co-operating, spend most of their time at work with regular clients, so they lack of time for professional marketing which will unfortunately affect their company to develop. If you don't trust anyone on this point, your competitors will.

Pro Beauty Services are proud to introduce our business partners in regard marketing support. This people has been promote our businesses since long time and help hundreds of beauty salons and other businesses in UK, Europe and America. Personally we know each of them, that's why we recommend their professionalism, quality and what's very important all for affordable rate.


Koala Marketing are innovative and creative marketing experts with a vision for a better and more sustainable world.
Our ethos centres on building trust with our clients, sharing our extensive knowledge and expertise, and engaging with companies in a professional yet warm and caring way. We believe in the importance of the people at the heart of every business, and we put them first in everything we do.
We are a dedicated marketing partner to growing SMEs in Hampshire and beyond, supporting our clients with smart marketing throughout the UK and Europe. We would love to bring our creative marketing skills and green-thinking ideas to your business.
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Salon Mobile App is a world class salon software platform that is built exclusively for the beauty salon, spa and hair salon industry. A brilliant tool to grow your salon business and retain your client base.
It is really easy to use, fast and secure. Mostly it’s packed full of features designed to help professional salon owners and teams achieve all that they deserve.
Business APP on his own is cost fortune! In fact most of businesses are not afford to spend over £5k for build their own app. Honestly, I am totally agree.
However, every business owner wants to:
- minimise no shows - fill empty gaps!
- increase business review 
- improve communications with clients 
- offer the best loyalty scheme(s)
- gain new clientele 
- send FREE and unlimited custom messages
- and many more features... 
This business app, really gives you a lot of benefits!
If you like to get more information, please email us at or call 07845580622