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Give up outdated and less environmentally friendly technologies of bottled water.

Take care of your company’s good image by providing employees and customers with continuous crystal-clear water.
Choose non-bottled systems of water dispensers. Which water dispenser is the perfect choice for your business?
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Why choose us

We are proud to be a partner of DDW water distribution service, who have been operating on the market since 2008. 

As every business knows, it is one of ours most important priorities to provide every customer and employee with clean, fresh, and healthy water. We offer several options providing such high standard quality of drinking water to our businesses, such as simple tap water, bottled water, bottled dispensers, or other water systems. But how do we know that the water is fresh, cold, and healthy? Well, everyone knows that money can buy anything. As an owner of a Beauty Salon which opened back in 2012, I know very well all the costs of running a business, especially when it comes to keeping high standard. Therefore, with complete satisfaction, I present to you a bottleless water system that will save you a lot of money, while maintaining high quality drinking water, always keeping it fresh, always healthy, and always available.

Is it possible? Yes of course, have a look here for yourself:

> advanced water filtration system

> modern design water distributor 

> ECO mode function to save energy

> low maintenance need system

Annual savings between £740  - £1200


Advance filtration water system

Thanks to technological advances in filtration systems, the water available in our taps is ready to drink and it contains natural minerals.

Only through the still imperfect process of water transport through the water supply system to the place of collection, the delivered water is blemished for organoleptic sensations. Our task is to provide our distributors with the highest water quality, which filter the water according to the following stages:

Stage 1: Mechanical filtration – initial 0.5 micron – Removes even the smallest impurities, with a diameter invisible to the human eye such as heavy metals, sands, sediments and bacteria, while at the same time retaining the natural mineral properties of water

Stage 2: Active carbon filtration – Eliminates chlorine contained in water, and other undesirable chemicals that affects both the smell and taste of water, while also protecting water against the formation of microorganisms.

Stage 3: Anti-calc filtration ( water softening) – Removes excess calcium, which improves the taste of aroma, while protecting the heating systems in the dispenser against deposition of calcium oxide

Our dispensers do not operate on the reverse of osmosis systems, therefore we do not offer demineralized water or artificially mineralized water. In the filtration process, we only remove what is harmful and redundant, without removing the waters natural mineral properties. Devices do not require additional drains.